LabManaics S2 E8: All Partner EDH!

Hello and welcome back to the Lab Maniacs! Our video today is the Season 2 Finale! In keeping with past tradition, we’re mixing things up with the formula a bit. Last year we used the Vintage banlist for our deck construction. This year, we decided to try “All Legal Commanders gain Partner” and see how that shakes out, with the caveat that we do more than just add colors to an existing deck.

For the finale, Luke was on Zuric Thar Stax, Sigi was on Zur Tishana Food Chain, Dan was on Oloro & Thrasios Partner Ad Nauseam, and Cameron was on Zada+Yidris.


Zur & Ruric Thar is probably the most brutal stax deck that we’ve faced. Zur’s ability to fetch many of the most powerful stax pieces ( Rule of Law , Blood Moon , Back to Basics , Rest in Peace , Stony Silence , etc) and Ruric Thar’s ability to just punch people in the face repeatedly for every non-creature spell means that once this stax deck gets online, it is very difficult for anyone to fight through the mess of permanents that it fields. Following it up with the consistent ability to Tooth and Nail to assemble a Brisela is one of the most powerful finishers that draws immediate concessions.

Zur & Tishana ended up pulling in the most wins from our practice games. Sigi brewed up an incredibly fast Food Chain deck with the ability to just put Food Chain into play with Zur and then using Tishana as a Creature mana outlet to draw the rest of this deck. Zur can fetch Food Chain , making a more consistent and extremely fast game plan.

Thrasios & Oloro ended up with an interesting take on a turbo Ad Nauseam build that was aiming at drawing the whole deck into Twister Looping Swan Song s into infinite attackers. It has a super low to the ground curve and makes for a very explosive game plan.

Zada & Yidris ended up being the most fun but most chaotic of decks that came from this experiment. Adding mana dorks and Zada triggering spells that untap creatures means that you can storm off incredibly fast. Yidris adds another layer of additional storm potential with the cascade trigger. Once this deck gets off the ground there are very few obvious lines of interaction and its massive, usually free, card draw means that it can fight through interaction by simply refilling its hand almost instantly.

Will Ruric Thar get to SMASH?!?!? Does Zur secure his place at the top of the Food Chain? Can Zada take a dip into the Maelstrom and survive? Will Oloro ever get off of his chair?

Find out in the Laboratory Maniacs Season 2 Finale!

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