LabManiacs S2 E2

Our game today features Cameron, Simon, Dan, and Sigi. They are playing Keranos Stax, Angel Combo Thrasios, Shimmer Myr Zur, and Blood Pod Tana/Tymna, respectively.


Keranos Stax you’ll remember from last week. This grindy blue-red stax shell uses multiple land wipes and Blood Moon effects to control the tables mana, while using Keranos to control the tables board while slowly grinding out a win.

Angel Combo Thrasios is a Hermit Druid / Buried Alive deck that utilizes Angel of Glory’s Rise to win via Laboratory Maniac after you empty out your library. It has some lighting fast draws thanks to Hermit Druid , but also can grind out a longer game with Tymna the Weaver and mana dorks.

Shimmer Myr Zur is a modified version of traditional Doomsday Zur, adding in Shimmer Myr and Aetherflux Reservoir to turn on Instant speed storm kills, most commonly on the End Step after you fetch Necropotence with Zur and pay 30+ life into it. Shimmer Myr allows you to use all the cards you drew with Necropotence instead of just picking your favorite seven from among them.

Finally, Blood Pod Tana/Tymna is another newcomer to the format, bursting onto the scene with incredible long game potential. This hatebears deck has multiple wins that can come out of nowhere through Yisan Chord or Birthing Pod featuring Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker , but the real power is in the grind. Many Blood Pod players win their games with regular creature beats as opposed to any combo of sorts.

In this table, we again have two decks with much faster kills, and two with incredibly effective stall games. Angel Combo really needs to finish this game before the third turn to have the best chance of winning. Shimmer Zur has the ability to storm fast, but that option will almost certainly be shut off late game, and it will have to rely on an Angel’s Grace boosted Ad Nauseam or a Doomsday to be able to close things out as the turns drag on. Keranos will have a hard time controlling both the combo decks while keeping pace with Blood Pod’s developing hate board. Blood Pod itself will be favored in the long game, as it has a much faster kill than Keranos, though both decks will likely have to jockey for control past turn five or six.

Please enjoy Episode 2 of Season 2 of the LabManiacs. We’ll see you in game!

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