LabManiacs S2 E3

Our game today features Sigi, Cameron, cobblepott, and Dan. They are playing Breakfast Hulk, Ascendency Combo, Ancestral Curiosity, and Hermit Druid Combo, respectively.


Breakfast Hulk is one of the fastest and most consistent decks in the format now. Brewed up by our very own Sigi during the Day of the Unbanning, Breakfast Hulk easily kills on the second turn, and has multiple possible kills on the very first turn on the game. Utilizing the oft seen Hermit Druid into Necrotic Ooze lines of various other decks we’ve seen, this deck also adds Flash + Protean Hulk into Cephalid Illusionist and Nomads en-Kor , the age-old Cephalid Breakfast combo.

Ascendancy Combo is the first of two incredibly spicy brews making their on camera debut in this episode. Cameron’s list attempts to create redundant Paradox Engine effects with Jeskai Ascendancy, allowing several mana production sources to fuel a Wheel engine or power out enormous amounts of mana with Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix . This is a highly experimental brew, still undergoing extensive changes, but I’m sure Cameron would love some help tuning it!

Ancestral Curiosity is the other of those two brews. Resident madcap, cobblepott, has attempted to brew up a mad pile of draw triggers, stacking Curiosity effects onto Firebrand Archer effects to make sketchy combo lines with Paradox Engine result in all your spells having an Ancestral Recall tacked onto them.

Finally, Hermit Druid Combo is basically a 1:1 list shown off last week by its creator, Lime_Blue, in our Deck Tech. Dan has made minimal changes to the list and is playing it basically as it was described.

In this table, all four decks are looking to combo out as fast as they can. Ascendency Combo is the most glass cannon of the four, but none of them really handle being interacted with too terribly well. Sigi or Dan may bin their library and get bitten by a Faerie Macabre , Cameron may die to inconsistency which comes from leaving out the best tutoring color, and cobblepott may just draw a bunch of Guttersnipes and weep at his low card quality.

Find out in Episode 3 of Season 2 of the LabManiacs. We’ll see you in game!

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