LabManiacs S2 E4

Our game today features Sigi, Luke, Dan, and cobblepott. They are playing Paradox Arcum, Food Chain Tazri, Doomtide Thrasios/Tymna, and Wizardball Derevi, respectively.


Paradox Arcum had new life breathed into it with the printing of Paradox Engine . Though many Arcum players will yell until they’re blue in the face that he was viable with this powerful Engine, they’re flat out wrong. The card gives Arcum lines to win off of merely a castable spell in hand and the ability to activate twice. This is an incredibly resilient deck, with the potential for absurdly fast starts off of artifact mana.

Food Chain Tazri. I probably don’t need to introduce this to the primary cEDH players in the audience, but to those less familiar with the format, this has been a pillar of the meta since the printing of Eternal Scourge . A contender for top dog in the format, Tazri has the potential to go off incredibly early, and threatens a kill on just about every turn past the first. The primary combo in this deck is Food Chain + Eternal Scourge to net unbounded mana to cast and recast Tazri, fetching an ally wincon like Hagra Diabolist , and then recurring Tazri some more to kill the table with triggers.

Doomtide Thrasios/Tymna is a slower deck than the prior two, relying on counterspells and interaction to let it play a slightly more tempo based game. This deck will often sandbag a win until someone else burns their interaction on the first person trying to combo out. Due to the varied winning lines, from Bomberman to Dramatic Scepter to Ad Nauseam and storming off manually, it is hard to shut this deck down with only one or two hate pieces.

Finally, Wizardball Derevi is a current love brewffair of our resident madman, cobblepott. In this deck, he seeks to abuse Derevi’s untap triggers with cards such as Patron Wizard to net advantage while advancing a board state. This deck is far slower than the others, and so is dependent on its own interaction and hate pieces to try and navigate to a win.

In this table, the Arcum and Tazri are more favored in the early game, Derevi is favored in the long game, and Thrasios/Tymna are favored in the mid-game but with only a few less percentage points or so than Derevi in the long game.

Will Tazri or Arcum combo off right out of the gates? Will Thrasios/Tymna be able to hold back the onslaught just long enough to seize victory? Or will the pile of rolling wizards plow over the rest of the table after two hours of misery?

Find out in Episode 4 of Season 2 of the LabManiacs. We’ll see you in game!

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