LabManiacs S2 E7

Hello and welcome back to the Lab Maniacs! Our video today is the 7th Episode in our main season gameplay! Abandoning me due to the harsh cruelties of my schedule, Cameron, Sigi, Simon, and Luke duke it out on the turf. They are playing Tasigur Seasons Past / Seasons Pastigur, Draw-Go Baral, Narset Turns, and Yidris Storm/Doomsday 2.0, respectively.


Tasigur Seasons Past / Seasons Pastigur is a deck that you’ve seen Cameron playing since our very first episode, but it has come a long way since then. Featuring the usual suite of interaction and Seasons Past shenanigans, Cameron has trimmed on his numbers to include a Flash Hulk win with Walking Ballista to speed up his clock.

Draw-Go Baral is a newer deck to our channel. cEDH Discord Mod asm has been working on a list for a while, and Sigi recently joined him. The deck aims to leverage Baral, Chief of Compliance ’s cost reduction to chain multiple counterspells in a turn cycle, and his trigger to filter the multiple raw card advantage spells into a more useful selection.

Narset Turns finally sees the light of day. Many may not know that we had tried to record a Narset game in the past, in which Narset managed a Turn 1 Narset into a Turn 2 kill. Sadly this game was scrapped for multiple reasons. Based on Garta’s list, Simon aims to get a billion mana on Turn 1 so he can afford to cast his Commander, and then attack with her and hopefully chain extra turns spells together to beat down the table. This does eventually go infinite with Enter the Infinite putting back Beacon of Tomorrows , in case you weren’t sure.

Yidris Storm/Doomsday 2.0 is a deck that Sigi and Luke redid recently with the help of several members of the cEDH Discord. It uses many traditional UBrg storm cards, dipping into the toolbox of free spells Yidris opens up for Ancestral Visions and Lotus Bloom , both of which make Doomsday turns incredibly efficient.

If Simon can power out a fast Narset, things will be shaping up well for him. Outside of that, Yidris, Tasigur, and Baral will be jockeying for control. Yidris does trim on interaction to boost his combo potential, so if the game goes exceedingly long, Baral and Tasigur will be more favored.

Generic witty questions about each deck winning that involve puns ideally (no I didn’t forget to put them in!), please enjoy the Laboratory Maniacs Season 2 Episode 7! [Giving your editor heart palpitations…]

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