Month in Review Podcast - Episode 1: April 2019

Hello and welcome to our new Podcast series: Month in Review! In this monthly Podcast, Dan and Cameron are joined by a guest as they take a more relaxed look at recent developments in the cEDH scene. This includes new decks and cards, big updates to existing decks, but also things like content and community events. On top of that, one part of the episode will be dedicated to viewer questions. If there are any questions you’d like to have answered on this podcast, please send us an email at You can also join our Disord server here:

For this episode, they’re joined by Wedge – moderator of the cEDH Discord, member of the Birthing Pod Podcast, and resident Kess afficionado. Together, the three cover the following topics:

  • Interesting Games
    1. Double Derevi Pod
    2. Feels on Wheels
    3. Learning Opus Thief
  • Events of the Last Month
  • Spike Feeders Tournament
    1. Top 4
    2. Odd Decks and Blind Metas
  • Hot Takes on Spoilers
    1. Jace, Wielder of Mysteries
    2. Ashiok, Dream Render
    3. Narset’s Reversal
  • Viewer-submitted Questions
    1. Correctly Tutoring at Various Stages in the Game
    2. New Playgroup Problems

Links to relevant stuff:

Please enjoy this month’s episode of Month in Review!

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