Episode 4 – LabManiac Content Plans, State of cEDH, and Q&A

We are back mid-season and have some changes. Originally the Podcast was planned to be for our off season only, however we have some adjustments and new resources made available to us so we will be back more often.

In Episode 4 Sigi and Cameron go over some upcoming content plans for LabManiacs. We then take a quick glance at the current State of cEDH and the recent impacts of new sets. Lastly we answer several user questions we have received.

Other content mentioned in the podcast:
InfiniteImoc’s Podcast: https://goo.gl/ec3Phj
Fossil’s Podcasts…
1: https://goo.gl/Awg9jb
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Intro and outro music:
Zelda: Dark World (Vector U Remix) by Vector U

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