Welcome to the Lab Maniacs Website!

It’s been a long time in the making, but here it is – our own website! Let me give you a brief overview of what you’ll be able to find on here:

  • All LabManiacs content: You will not only be able to find all of our videos on here, but also all of our podcasts and articles
  • Other articles: In addition to our own articles and article series, we have already picked up and are looking for more people who are interested in writing regular articles for this website. Our current series are cEDH 101, Spice Friday, and MAN Model Musings.
  • Resources: Over in the Resources tab, you will find links to introductory resources for cEDH, as well as links to the decks we play, other community hubs, and other cEDH content creators. 

What’s to come:

  • A shop: You may have seen the Lab Maniacs playmats we showed off during the community stream. We want to be able to get those (and future merchandise) to you all, so we’re going to set up a shop where you can fill all of your Lab Maniacs needs.
  • Collaborations: We can’t reveal much about this yet, but we’re working together with other members of the EDH community to further improve your online cEDH experience! Stay tuned for more.
  • Streams: We’re looking to significantly up the amount of streaming we do on Twitch, so don’t forget to follow us on there if you’re interested in some live action!

Ok, we’ve got one more thing: Our Patreon Discord now has a public channel where you can join to ask us questions or provide feedback. To do so, please follow this link: https://discord.gg/VTUDMWF